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That's pretty cool, except sharing the part about brown trout fishing in close.  We used to fish there in the 14' as none if the big boats would go in that close and those fish weren't getting pounded.  I have 0.3 and 0.5 color cores for fishing in less than 5'...

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27 minutes ago, jdh said:

I was reading that you had good success on steelhead with the slide divers.  What's your setup for those?  I haven't been able to get steelies on any divers.

The regular size slide diver on a #4 setting generally out between 60-100ft with about  30-50 feet lead behind the diver to a spoon. I use 20# mono for a leader from the barrel swivel to the spoon swivel. Hope this helps!

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Must be nice to have such good fishing on the Wisconsin side of the lake. I think I'm selling my salmon boat because it was so bad salmon fishing on the Michigan side where I fish. To many dang lake trout. And our dnr isn't going to cut back on laker plants but cut more salmon again this year. I actually caught more kings on Lake Huron last year than on Lake Michigan.

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