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Down for a bit but not out


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Down for a bit but not out
  1. Recently I had bilateral knee replacement surgery and I'm doing fine. Having both knees done at the same time was the best option for me and the Dr. actually recommended it. If he hadn't recommended it I would have brought it up. I only spent three days in the hospital and came home from there. Most folks that have two done at the same time go to a rehab place before returning home. A couple of weeks after surgery I was doing stairs and even did a couple of minor chores in the garage. My therapist thought I was BSing him when I told him I was working in the garage before his visit. I also need a lot of rest. and there are still some issues that I'm dealing with. I ditched the walker a couple of weeks ago and use a cane limitedly especially after just standing up. It's a good time for me to hole-up and heal and hit it hard in the Spring. Fishon
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1 hour ago, KJ pluggin said:

Good to hear your doing well! My dad is scheduled to get a knee replacement this week.

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I hope your dad has good results with his surgery. We're lucky to be living in this time frame. It wasn't too long ago when these procedures were not even dreamed about.

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