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Holland 10-4pm, 11-22-16

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Got a break in the weather again. Out I go.

5 for 8, 3 kings, 2 laketrout  (released). Lost nice steelhead in the netting process also. One of the laketrouts was approx 16#, other was 3#. Kings were 3-4# each.

 Two Kings came on DR with flee-for-all spoon, east troll in 147-150 fow, ball depth 127 & 131,  speed 2.8, temp 50 & 48.1 other on 270 copper with mixed veggie, going east also.

Laketrout(16#) came  on JJ McMuffin spoon and 240 cu. Other on DR with lemonberry spoon. Fished moved out a little further. Best depth was 145-170. Water was warmer (big lake) 51.9 top , 48.1 bottom. Macatawa was 44 degrees.

Waves calm to 2ft. Most marks were in the bottom 25 ft.

Mike Murphy joined me today. Other half of the brothers that helped me, when my truck broke  ( bad shifting  cpu module).

Great to be on the water again. Outside temp was 34.


2016-11-22 15.25.29.jpg

2016-11-22 13.44.30.jpg

2016-11-22 19.28.11.jpg

2016-11-22 19.29.48.jpg

2016-11-22 21.59.26.jpg

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