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Holland am, 11-15-16

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8 for 10, 3 keeper steelhead  ( one was 10.1#) others between 6-8# and 1 king.  1 throwback king and 3 laketrout. One laketrout was probably 10-12#. But all laketrout fishing was over Oct 31 so we released them.

Best depth was155-160 fow. One on DR, the rest on slide diver, 170 cu and 270 cu. Water temp 54.4 top and 53.6 bottom. Trolls were east.  Spoons used: Craigs flounder, hud, yellow nbk and blueberry. Extremely thick fog from the launch to pass the harbor entrance. It came and went while we fished on the open lake also. Waves calm to 3ft on and off.

Pat Murphy joined me today and it was my way of paying him and his brother for helping me out when my truck broke to pull my boat home. The fish were still biting when we had to leave. Plenty out there!


2016-11-15 16.44.50.jpg

2016-11-15 16.43.46.jpg

2016-11-15 16.44.13.jpg

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