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Grand Haven 11/6pm - Last Trip of the year

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Storing the boat on Tuesday so we took advantage of the great weather and headed out Sunday afternoon for the last trip of the year and ended on a high note. The plan was to drop in at 100FOW and head West until we found them, but we ended up never needing to leave the 95-105FOW range. Had lines in the water from 2-6pm and finished 12 for 17 with 7 steelhead, 3 shaker kings, and 2 lake trout; we lost another laker at the back of the boat and several high flying steelhead. N/S troll, 2.6-3.2 SOG, straight out and a touch north of the pier heads. We marked more fish and bait than any other trip this year,  tons of marks and large mounds of bait as long as we were straight out from the piers, the marks dried up N or S of the pier heads. Also traded a steelhead for a couple ducks at the launch on the way out. Here's what worked:

  • 25' Copper - Stinger Steelie Stomper (Hot)
  • 50' Copper - Stinger Red Pepper (Hot)
  • 75' Copper - Stinger Red Pepper (Hot)
  • 100' Copper - DW Green Dolphin
  • 200' Copper - Stingray UV Mixed Veggie
  • 250' Copper - DW Green Dolphin
  • Rigger @ 40' - Magnum DW Blue/Green Dolphin
  • Rigger @ 85' - DW Blue/Green Dolphin
  • Low Diver out 100' - Magnum Silver Streak Super Screw
  • Low Diver out 100' - Magnum Happee Meal
  • High Diver out 120' - Stingray UV Green Dolphin

Unbelievable end to the season. Until next year....










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Great pics! What was your coldest temp at ball depth?

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We had 56deg on the surface and 55deg on the bottom in 100FOW. No temp break to speak of but the bait was there. Forgot to mention that the steel were all full of baby ales about 2" long, nice to see that.

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