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Holland pm, 10-27-16

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Fished 11-3:30pm, 2 for 3, one 7.8# laketrout and one throwback king.

Port DR, laketrout, SS orange crush, 37ft dwn, in 53 fow, north troll, ball 2.6 sog, ball temp 50.8, surface temp 49 on top. Warm current on bottom??

Stb DR, small throwback king on double orange crush  (DW). Probably dragged him around for a little while.

 3ft waves then 3-4 ft chop.

No hits on boards chop was hard on them. Also, big lot is closed as well as cleaning station. Only 13 spaces to park trailer and 7 of them are handicap. Nice to get on the lake, though a little chilly. Dress warm.


2016-10-27 17.51.05.jpg

2016-10-27 17.52.20.jpg

2016-10-27 17.49.39.jpg

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