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Best way to store trolling flies


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I've started to grow my collection of trolling flies and am outgrowing putting them in a Plano divider box, or at least I will need several more. 

How does everyone else store their trolling files?  Trying to avoid a tangled mess here.

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Pipe insulation is already split down the middle


That's what I use. I cut the length to the fly size, pull it through the center and bury the hooks in the end. I then cut 4 slots on the end, wrap the leader around the insulation and trap the end of the leader in the slots, works great. Store it in a piano box. Usually get 12-15 in box. Label the box section with fly name.



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For us it's the same as someone else commented about their Spinnies, we leave our flies hanging somewhere to dry out before putting them away.  We have space on our center console helm.... Somewhere where we don't lean into or bump into the hooks :unsure:

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I bought the tube file box and don't really like it. Hard to get the fly and leader stuffed into them. It's turned into a box of my least used flies or back ups. My hot flies all stay attached to their respective flasher wound around a pool noodle. All of them get tossed into a bin together.

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A lot of flies stay on the flasher during the season.  But for storage I keep flies, hooks, and beads in separate compartments of a clear Plano box.  Flies get stuffed into 3.5" of a plastic milk shake straw, and are sorted by primary color.  I just rig fly on the boat.

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