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Fished with Jon & Kelly out of Holland today.  We fished 130-155.  Lots of bait below 100 ft.  My guess is they were schools of shad.  We ended up 4-8 with 6 kings on and 2 steelies.  Spoons & flasher flies on riggers/divers/coppers/lead.  Kings came 60-110 ft down.  Steelies on 3 color lead.  2.5-3.0 mph.  Only west/south/southwest directions took fish.




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The bigger on weighed in just shy of 11 pounds. Very healthy looking.  I'm hoping the weather lets me get out to deeper water a few more times this year.  Or maybe lets me put a hurting on the lake trout before November.

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All the kings were full of shad.  They look like ales, but their not the same.  I've been netting  baitfish off the piers for years and know the difference.


Another picture:


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