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Fished 4-7:15 pm, 40-143 fow. Lake was beautiful. Very calm, glass like. Surface temp 60-63. Very few boats on the lake.

2 for 2, one 8.5# king and one 2# coho.

King came on 270 cu with glow blue dolphin, in126fow. 2.7 sog, east troll.

Coho on 150 cu, with UV Green flounder pounder,  in 90 fow, east troll, 2.5 sog.

I started very shallow, hoping to grab a bite with a shallow setup. I watch a steelhead porpoise in front on my boat 3 times and swim away. Then I headed out slowly to deeper water to take the hits. It was very unusual.


2016-10-04 21.33.04.jpg




2016-10-05 10.16.03.jpg

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