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 Well after not leaving the slip for close to a month I got the chance to get out. Left the slip. at 9ish and returned at 2 and finishing 15-18 with 14 griller Kings, and a nice 10 lbs steelhead. Best area was straight out in 130-155 with nearly any direction working , not a clue what the down speed was , batteries in the probe were dead so I did it old school and set the gps speed at 2.7 and left it. As far as what works here the list

Super Screw on a 150 copper

Miami Dolphin on a 200 copper

Double Dutch on a 250 copper 

U of M frog on a rigger at 50

Blue Mango on a 200 copper 

Home made Craig's Steelhead on a 300 copper

All of these were standard size Silver Streaks on 30 lb copper. 

And the important part, the pics of the catch, best part was I had my dad and my old buddy Something Fishy.




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