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Holland pm, 9-24-16

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Fished 4:30-sunset, 60-125, best zone 75-90 fow. 4 for 6. One 9.8# coho, one smaller coho and one 8.91# steelhead. Waves were 1ft.

9.8# coho came on DR with jagerbomb in 90fow, bk 80, 35 down, east troll, 2.6 sog.

Steelhead came on uv orange spoon,100cu, in 90fow, ne troll.

Smaller coho came on jj macmuffin uv as rigger line was being pulled up.

One very large sheephead  came in 85 fow. Lost two coho/steelhead when they hit my steel slidediver with a vu green flounder pounder on it and we couldn't get them in while they were dancing on the surface.
Did a close check on the large coho and found it had no tail spots at all,  but the anal fin folded more then halfway to the body of the fish. Tim joined me again today. We had a great evening of fishing.

2016-09-24 22.06.59.jpg

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