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Pier casting for kings

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In the southern ports of the lake its been like that for a while. The best thing to do is to buy a 14' boat off of craigslist and troll the river/channel/mouth. Casting is brutal. If you're going to cast you've got to pay very close attention to the conditions and everything has to be right or you're wasting your time.

Every boat yesterday and every boat today that I ran into caught fish. I can't say the same for the pier guys but there was fish caught off of the piers.

You have to change your expectations to the new reality.

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I just got back from Manistee. Things are pretty slow. Seems like its been this way the last few seasons now. Can't say I understand the need to reduce stocking efforts. There isn't that many fish as it is now.

If there is anything good I can say its that I haven't had to deal with any crowds. And the few fish that I have caught have all been very healthy.

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5 hours ago, Northmen4034 said:

Yeah all the fish I've caught this year in the boat have been real healthy. No shortage of bait that I've seen

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They can't immediately change the amount of fish in the lake overnight. If you see the fish having problems from lack of food. The game is overwith.


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One good year of natural reproduction and what little bait is out there is gone.  And when it's gone, it's never, NEVER coming back.  The year classes of alewives that stand the best chance of spawning are the ones fueling these healthy, fat kings.

I can get fat on a plate of food if I'm the only on eating.

Lake Huron was throwing more master angler kings than Michigan right up until it crashed.

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