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Been trying for well over a year to land any for of a salmonoid type fish and very little success, i did manage to catch a steelhead on a purple crankbait on fathersday. However me and my fishing buddy have yet to find a good way to fish. We hit piers in south haven, bentonharbor, and frankfurt. Even hit the berrian springs dam with one small steelhead my buddy got. Any good tips tricks or anything for the surrounding areas ive mentioned??

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September is a great month to catch coho on the Grand River below sixth street dam in downtown Grand Rapids. I've found that blue fox spinners and Rapala rip sticks work good along with hot n tots and thundersticks chartreuse or orange is a good color. The Manistee River below Tippy Dam is another GREAT spot to put some long hours into fishing. It maybe be one of the top rivers in the state. It normally provides good opportunities to catch salmon in the fall along with steelhead throughout the winter and in my opinion it offers one of the best spring steelhead runs in the state. The best way to learn to fish any river or inlet is probably trial and error. But local bait shops can offer good advise and if all else fails just sit and watch other anglers. Find out who is catching what and most importantly how they are catching them. Also find good local fishing reports to help you locate where the fish might be throughout the state so that your maximizing your fishing time. Hope this helps a little

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