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Port Sheldon 9/3 AM

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Definitely had higher hopes for this morning with the lake flipping. Set down in 90 and trolled out to 160 with no hits. Didn't even mark anything past 130. Turned around and headed into 125. Managed to pick up two decent steelhead around 10AM in the 125 depth. 1 on 150 copper on a super slim jawbreaker, and 1 45 down on a rigger on a frog colored meat rig and watermelon dodger. Both were on a north troll 2.1 sog. Definitely a nice morning on the water though. I will say also I was unhappy to find the raft of weeds in port Sheldon plugging the entrance to the channel in the dark while heading out. I would say is was like motoring into pudding, although I think pudding would probably be easier to motor through. Had to stop three times to clear my motor. The one steelhead was packed to almost bursting with small to medium alewife. I don't think I've ever seen a fish packed solid with so much bait.



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