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for sale New and Used reels

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I have the following reels for sale all have no box.....

4 Used Abu Garcia 7000 c3 they are all in good working condition and on eBay they are going for $80-120 each used. 
$55 each or all 4 for $200

1 Okuma Convector 55L (new) $80 
2 Okuma Convector 55L with braid and copper (new) $100 each or $180 pair
4 Okuma Convector 30DS high speed (new) $75 each or $280 for 4
1 Penn GTI (new) with 200 copper $90
1 Okuma Coldwater 253D (new) $75
1 Okuma Magda Pro 20 (new) $30
1 Okuma Magda Pro 30 (new) $30
1 Okuma Convector 15D (new) $60

This will be first paid first get. We will agree to a shipping price based on how many you purchase and where you live. 

Please email [email protected] if interested


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