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Holland 8-22-16 Evening Bite

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Well, we got out there (2 on board-6 lines), but it was getting pretty rough…too rough just before dark.  Wish we could have held out about 45 minutes longer, but it was getting a bit hairy out there.  I’ll bet we could have picked up 2-3 more.


We did well….almost hit for the cycle!!!!   Couldn’t believe it when we landed a huge Brown.  Here was the catch:


17 lb King on green splatterback plug on 5-color (only about 25 feet down?)


10 lb Steelhead on White Spin doctor and white fly 80 feet down on downrigger.   (only 2nd Steelhead this year)


12 lb. Brown on White Spin Doctor with white fly on 300 copper    (only Brown this year)


5.5 lb Coho in White Spin doctor and White fly 60 feet down on downrigger (only the 4th Coho this year)


In a year of getting mostly Kings and Lakers…couldn’t get a laker to complete the Lake Mi. cycle.  BUT I’m happy with the box we got….4 for 4….no lost hook-ups.

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@ Taddpole

Last couple of times I've been out, I've only gotten hits trolling East (and a couple heading back West).  Last night we kept trolling across the 110-90 FOW and got our hits on both sides of 100.  North or South troll in same depth...nothing! 

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