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I had two friends show up for their first big water experience. I warned them it was going to be bumpy. We started the day about 6:30am in about 80 feet of water and troll with the wind. We eventually meandered to about 120 feet of water and took a 6 pound King on a glow frog DW with a green meat rig on a dipsy set on 3 , 160 back. Then the fun began. A green flounder pounder set at 80 went off and then the other down rigger went with a green splatterback plug at the same time. Lost the fish on the flounder pounder but landed the fish on the plug. A nice 12 pound King. Tried to set the riggers back again and the meat rig went again. After a fairly decent fight it threw the hook. Had to make the tough decision to not reset as the leading edge of the storms were getting close. So we ended with a 2/4 day and the first double I've had in a long time.

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