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2 man limit shallow

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Fished this morning out of my lodge just north of sebewaing. I only had to work 4 ten hour days this week so i got home late last night from south haven where i have been working the last month. We have been doing great on salmon after work in my buddies boat that i stay with during the work week. We fished 10 to 14 fow of water off the back of defoe island trolling tots and crawlers on light bouncers over top of the weed beds. Dropped lines at 600 and were back to my private boat launch at 900 with our two man limit. Heres what worked tots at 15 to 22 off the boards and crawlers 14 to 25 off the boards with 3/4 0z bouncers trolling 1.7 to 1.9. Also picked up 2 very large northern pike the one pushing the 40 inch mark so that was interesting. The walleye were 17 to 23 inches. I will be back on the water first thing in the morning. We only burned 2 gallons of gas for this trip and a dozen crawlers so very light on the wallet. Most trips this season have cost less than 20 to 25 dollars a trip,  some trips only costing 15 bucks for steady limits of eyes hence the name cheap limits.

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