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Took dad and his buddy Tim out in Grand Haven on Sunday morning. It was nice to finally have a crew that could make an early start and it paid off big time. We dropped in a touch south of the pier heads in 55FOW on a north troll and were setting lines by 5:45am. By 7:30am we were 5/8 with 5 kings and 1 steelhead all in 50-60 FOW mostly straight out and a touch north. Then it died for us so we tried sliding out and working south in 80-90 FOW because it seemed from the radio chatter that fish were caught as deep as 110FOW while we were shallow. Never got em going again after that, we either weren't on the fish or they didn't like what we had to offer. Went 4 hours without a hit and then picked up a steelhead in 150FOW while making a troll deeper to see what we could find to finish the day 6/9 overall. Marked a lot of smaller bait in the top 30ft in 140-160 FOW so I imagine you could get into some good steelhead action out there running a program for them. No monsters today for us but solid fishing. Here's what worked:

50' copper - Nitro Blue Dolphin Stingray

75' copper - Magnum Happee Meal

High Diver out 60' - Magnum Flounder Pounder

200' copper - Magnum Dreamweaver blue/green Dolphin


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