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Ludington 8-7, 8-8

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Fishing has been good the last 2 days. Some big kings have arrived in better numbers.  July was a tough month.   We have fished north both days from 90 to 120 feet of water early and then out to 150 to 200 ft after the sun is up.  We hit 14 yesterday and boxed 7. Today we hit 15 and got our limit. Real nice size class, just like the good old days.  24lbs was the biggest yesterday and 23 lbrs today, a number of 20lb+.    Hits came on a Moonshine Mag Oscar on a rigger at 40 ft, green glow blk ladder back sliver horde on secret weapon on a rigger at 45 ft.  A 10 inch white/crushed ice paddle and pickled sunshine fly on a rigger from 40 to 65 ft.   Pearl and blk dot and white blk ladder silver horde on a half core and a 150 copper.   Green sparkler 10 in paddle and pickled sunshine meat rig on a low diver out 100 early and back to 140 later. A white/crushed ice spin doctor and pickled sunshine fly on a hi diver out 90 early and 140 later.  A lucky charm DW plug on a 200 copper. 









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I should add, I got burned on day 1 due to tackle failure, I haven't seen a size class like this in many years. Only 1 person to blame for that. After working on my gear yesterday afternoon and beefing up like the old days, I did not need to reload at Capt Chuck's today like I had to yesterday.

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