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Had an interesting weekend fishing the Saugatuck tournament out of Holland. Saturday we fished north of Holland early and struggled early to land our kings. Finally after a cold spell decided to try for trout and picked up 6 in the last two hours to salvage the day. Sunday we fished south of Holland and had a great day going 15/20 with 4 kings and the rest lakers. Fishing seemed to get better as we got closer to Saugatuck. Then I learned a hard lesson...on our way back in we hit a wake fairly hard and broke the swim platform and cooler right off the boat. Have been running the cooler back there for 6 years with much bigger boxes than that without an issue but apparently that's not a good idea. Ended up salvaging 8 of the fish but lost several of our biggest fish. It was a shocking turn of events. Needless to say I didn't have the heart to attend the weigh in after that... 80-100 fow was the best all weekend, south troll was best. Green and yellow meat rigs were good for kings, trash cans with spin n glows hammered the lakers.

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