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Island Report and general observations

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I haven't fished near as much as in the past. We have experienced more NE winds this year than I can ever remember. NE is nothing but bad for fishing the W shore of the Saginaw Bay. Even mild NE winds can be detrimental.

We have never before been able to put over 30 fish in the box with the old limits of 5 walleye in combination with pike, bass, and flathead cats. We have had 30 fish boxes with six people onboard but most of the time our crew is at 4 people, but that was the past.

I'm not sure I agree with the DNRs decision to decrease the size of the walleye to 13" and increase the take to 8. I'm keeping an open mind and time will tell how this will play out. The DNR are the experts and have did well with this Saginaw Bay Fishery in conjunction with some private walleye clubs. The Bay has been self sustaining for years. Hats off to the Saginaw Bay clubs and DNR for their work in getting things to this point.

With the new limits on the bay we have exceeded some of our past year's fish boxes. About a week ago we were blessed to have two back to back limit days out by the Big Charity Island. Mon July 25 we boxed 32 VN eyes, most being over 20". Tue July 26 we returned with our goal set at 32. This time however we had a special 6yo onboard and was able to ice 40 walleye most being over 18". Now it takes awhile to put 40 fish in the box but Matt reeled in all the walleye his little arms could handle. Matt hung in like a trooper only getting antsy the last hr. Our largest fish for the two days were around 25"

We ran 3oz bottom bouncers off the longline down rods and 2oz off the board rods. We did sacrifice some hardware in the rocky conditions around the Charity Islands. We ran the deep lines by hitting bottom and then bring the bouncers up a few feet. We also ran some bouncers higher in the water with our Offshore boards and they produced some nice fish also. Probably our best combo was a #4 fire tiger blade on a two hook harness on the down rods. Purple, antifreeze, and a glow green chartreuse all worked well. The action at the Islands can be hit and miss and requires a long boat ride to get out there.

Thanks to Joe B, Chuck A, Don M, Matt, Karl M, Mike T, and Skip S, for the great team work on these two trips.



Tue 7-26-16, 40 fish box 2.jpg

Mon 7-25-16, 32 Fish box.jpg

Don's Grandson Matt.jpg

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Great Job Frank!  That little guy is a fisherman for life for sure now.

I too am cautiously optimistic on the new regulations.  Everyone knows the problem is Cormorants, not Walleye, but the Fed's  . . . .

Too bloody hot, and yes something very strange this year with the NE wind.  My boat on the Saginaw river is just a day tripping beach toy until the days grow shorter and the nights cool off.

Nice to see your report as always.

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