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Fished from 530 till 1 going 4-8 with 3 kings and a steelhead. Started out setting up right at the pier heads.

200 copper with a ace-hi blue ladder back glow plug 16.3 lb king

 Fixed slider down 35 with a moonshine blue jackal rv 5lb steelhead

Fixed slider down 31 with a moonshine bloody nose rv took a monster rip and ended up getting into my 150,200 coppers and got off.

rigger down 50 with a moonshine flounder pounder rv  starts pounding and immediately gets into the wire diver and breaks off:mad:

rigger down 50 (new) moonshine flounder pounder rv starts pounding again and is gone before we can get to the rod.

all this action is in the first 2 hours of the day working out front in 40 -60 fow, then it goes dead and we start to work our way west after making a few more passes

on the way out the 150 copper with a stinger uv mixed veggie starts slowly creeping out and we bring in the line thinking we have a skipper or small laker and are surprised to see it's a 7lb king in 70 fow. Another dead spell till we hit 140 when the braid diver back 125 with a kevins girlfriend  SD and meat rig fires giving us our best king of the day 17.5 lbs. we work the 130-140 fow awhile with no more action. Decide to troll back to the pier heads and we lose a small king on a fixed slider with a blue dolphin down 40 in 118fow

Lots of cold water up front I had 44 degree water 40 foot down. Best speed 2.2_2.6 sog. Very nice to put a few kings on the deck.


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