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for sale Traxstech combination - Riggers, Trees, and Accessories

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I have a pair of Traxstech Riggers, 3 Rod Vertical Trees, Mounting End Caps, and tool/beverage holders in titanium.  Total retail price with Tax was over $4100.   All lightly used and like new.

All for $3000.

I don't want to split it up right now but will take offers on the individual pieces and if I get enough offers may split.


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image4 (1).JPGimage1.JPGimage2.JPGimage3.JPGimage6.JPGimage7.JPGimage8.JPGimage9.JPGimage10.JPG


Riggers have covers also which are not shown.  Price reduced to $2750 for everything since they only have single rod holders.  If someone wants just the riggers they are available for $2250 for the pair.  Rod Holders are $525, end caps are $20, and tool/beverage holders are $100,



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I received a deposit back in August and then the buyer disappeared. I can't wait on him anymore. If I sell I will return his deposit.

Everything for $2700. 

i will sell individually as follows:
Both riggers: $2250
Both trees: $525
Both tool/cup holders: $100
Both sets of end caps: $20

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