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Pretty steady action this morning until about 10 when it shut off. Went 5/5 throwing back one laker. Fish came in 90-115 fow on a south southwest troll 2.4 mph sog. Two kings 35 down on frog meat rig with watermelon dodger. Two lakers on SWR with a pearl and glow plug 55 down. And one steelhead on a 150 copper with SS jawbreaker.

Good god does Pigeon lake have some thick clumps of weeds. Had to stop outside the pier heads and clean a big nest off my motor when I tried to power up and found I wasn't going anywhere.

Also though it was awesome while I was fishing and one of the tournament boats blows past close right next to me at full power and proceeds to drop down directly in front to me to where I could have thrown a baseball and hit and proceeds to set lines. Seriously I'm off away from everybody all by myself. No reason for that.579e931a3c392_ImageUploadedByGreatLakesF

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You were in his spot.

Had that many years,ago on a weeknight no one around we just net a fish and a guy who just motored down picks up again and drops in 100 yards in front of us, going way slower than I was.  He then sets out boards that are even with my boat.  About 20 seconds from hitting him I turned hard and relieved him of a core, then the cussing at me starts.

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