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Finally found a couple big kings everyone has been talking about. :grin:  3/4 last night! started North in 80 FOW and went NW till we hit about 100 and took a rip on a dipsy set 115 back. 9 lb king blue bubble flasher/fly. Trolled around and came back to the same area and the other dipsy starts screaming! 100 back yellow dot closer/lemon ice meat rig. 18 lber! Made another pass through toward dark and hooked into what I'm pretty sure was either a 20 lb laker or the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald... 300 Cu mag blue dolphin. Unhooked himself after I had struggled to drag in about half the copper. Pulling lines the same rod went again in 80 feet and we got em this time! 15 lb king.

Big smiles all around as we look back on last season and how bad the fishing was and how grim the fishery for the future looked and realize how blessed we've been so far in 2016!

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3 hours ago, littleboat said:

Yellow dot closer? Flasher?sd? Best catches are the surprises! Congrats!

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Dot closer is an old 8" SD we had lying around that I hadn't had a lot of use for till I got the yellow meat rig that matches it perfectly. Never heard of anyone else really using it. Not sure of DW still makes that color.

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