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Finally got the boat back and its working well.  I had forgotten what its like to have a motor that can idle under 1400 rpms without shutting off - especially in no-wake zones or when docking.
We left the pierheads and went NW stopping in 60 fow.  We set lines and held a NNW direction.  Started with a 150, 200, 2 x 300, and a 400 copper, 2 riggers at 45 & 70 ft, 2 divers back 75 & 110 ft with a mix of flasher flies, spoons, meat & plugs.  Wound up 5-6 with 1 big king (20 lbs? - biggest i've pulled in in a long time) and 4 lakers in the 3-10 lb range.  Best troll was NNW & SSE, hits from 2.0 to 3.8 mph.  Only had lines in the water for a little over 2 hours - 7 am - 9 am.

What worked:

1-1  300 copper, mag Flee 4 All spoon - Big King

2-2  downrigger @ 70 ft - 11" white paddle with BW Poofster fly - Lakers

1-1 mag diver on 2 back 110 ft - 10" green Wienie with green meat rig - Laker

0-1 300 copper, mag Modified Blue Dolphin - King?  Quickly ran out 50 ft of line and then disappeared.

1-1 downrigger @ 110 ft - superslim Thriller - Laker

Quite a productive morning considering the shore fishing period.  I marked lots of bait, but not lots of fish.  The fish I did were close to where we were picking up the lake trout, so I'm guessing that's what most of the marks were.

Good luck this weekend everybody.  Is there a big tournament on Saturday or something? :)

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