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1-6 yesterday set up shop in 100 FOW trolled south, only picking off a laker. Moonshine flounder pounder 0/4 on a DR 55' down lost 2 good kings at the back of the boat (bad netting by yours truly) and other 2 the hooks didn't stick. Green Michigan stinger meat rig took laker 75' down. White paddle white fly on 300 cu took a good rip hooks didn't stick all and all nice day on the lake. If anyone need a partner it help in the BRC let me know I'm willing to help out. 

-Tight lines 


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14 hours ago, coralee said:


2 hours ago, Floating Holiday said:

It was nice fishing with you guys, always great to have a boat to share and get info with. I ended up with that 10 steelhead / 400 copper, Kato spoon and a 14 lb laker after you guys went in. 125 fow,  kato spoon, rigger down 95 in 125 fow.

Yea I enjoyed the company appreciate the info if u pm me I can give u my contact info and we can stay in touch 

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