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Had the privilege of fishing with two older gentlemen on their boat yesterday and it was a blast. We experienced some of the best walleye fishing on the bay that i have ever seen. Launched out of caseville at 630 and had lines tight at 7.The guys i was fishing with were by no means good at walleye fishing and very slow running their side but it did not matter. It was hot right from the start and never slowed down enough to even take a piss. I had one board out on my side and was letting the second one out when the pole almost got ripped from my hands by a 27 inch eye that we landed. I look up and my other board went off and i handed it to one of the older gentlemen and he landed a 28.5 inch 8.6 pound walleye the biggest of his life.  Once we were finally able to get some boards out on both sides we were getting doubles and triples one after another. The fishing was so good that we were throwing back 18 to 21 inch walleye. We lost around a dozen fish as well, and threw close to a dozen keepers back. Came in with our 24 fish limit which consisted of all walleyes between 4.5 and 8.6 pounds one of the nicest limits of eyes i have ever seen come from the bay. Its common for us to get some 4,5, and 6 pound fish on our fishing trips but not and entire 24 fish limit of them. The gps mark that we fished i have stopped at twice this year about 2 weeks ago with no luck, but we stopped there yesterday and never left. Here was what worked for us 3 oz bouncers 45 to 55 of the boards trolling at 1.2 to 1.5. Good colors were wonderbread with a pink back, uv firetiger, and purples with green. We fished 25 to 35 fow off oak point and a little south of oak point.

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