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Sign up for the West Michigan Fishing League. July 16

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Ok , I'm going to try this here , only becouse I've posted this in the Tournement forum a few days ago and have only had 53 view and no responses, this will be the official sign up thread for the July 16 event , it will be held in Holland. You can eather surch it on face book for rules or go to the forum section on hear.. This weeks sponcor is Big Weenie Brand , and for those of you that fished this event last you , you now it is well worth the $30 entry fee for the donations. Last year this event was the largest of the season with 20 boats.

teams in so far



Happy Daze

Screamin seaman

Bendin Rods

Joel Sanders

Fishin Machin



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Ok people , the forcast looks great for tomorrow , these are the teams that are In , good luck , be safe and I well see everyone at the peirs at 5:50 for roll call.

Teams in so far. 
Happy Daze
Screamin Seamen
Bendin rods
Joel Sanders.
Fishin machine
True Blue 
Just Hookin
Holland Piper
Six Pack
Wild At Heart
Tommy Barker
Pole Cat
Motion Show
Hat Trick
Off Shore Pursuit

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