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7/7- prefished for the Muskegon tourney out of Grand Haven. Went 5/8 with 3 kings (one 22.5 lbs), a steelhead and a laker. Lost at least one other nice King. Bigger kings and laker came in 165-175 fow with long coppers and meat rigs doing the best on kings. Smaller fish came in 90-130.

7/8- fished Muskegon northward starting deeper early. Much slower morning going 3/4 with 2 Lakers and a small King. One laker was 14.5 lbs. lakers came on Dodgers with spin n glows.

7/10- day 1 of the tourney was canceled due to waves, but Day2 we went back to our better water from Thursday and went 6/9. Lost our 2 nice King bites early on meat rigs on 300-400 copper in 120 fow and had to grind away to put some lakers and small kings in the box the rest of the day to place 6th out of 15 AM boats. Lakers all came bouncing bottom with spin n glows from 120-160 fow. Small kings were coming on double orange crush spoons on 200 coppers. There are some nice kings out there but still tough to find. Could be a lot of fun if they start showing up in better numbers.5782f59d73aa7_ImageUploadedByGreatLakesF5782f5bc976b5_ImageUploadedByGreatLakesF

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