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My brother and 7 year old nephew came up and fished with Parker and I yesterday. We hit the water a little after 8am and ran up to where we fished last week.

We ran 3oz snap weights on one side and 4oz on the other, all spoons. Never saw a difference between colors or backs but the 4oz side caught a couple more fish then the 3oz. We did do the best in one particular section SW of 1&2 buoys in 25' of water.

Ended up with 12 walleye, 1 perch and threw back 3 sheepshead. Parker did most of the reeling but brother and I got to bring in a couple since both kids fell asleep and wouldn't wake up. Pulled lines about 1:45pm.

Getting things figured out. Still don't know what to do with the rods over the sides. Tried a 65mm Deeper Diver but it still doesn't dive on a steep enough angle for me. Maybe I'll just run another set of boards or go to a 6oz weight over the side.

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