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Set lines at the s end of the sliders in 25' of water with JD and Tom and picked up a brown almost right away. Fished 20-40 to just south of the saugy piers. There were too many boats in tight fishing the shore line and up tight to the piers so we stayed in mostly 25-35. Went 8 for 10 with 3 browns, 3 steelies, and 2 kings. The top 15' was best with the red fin with squiggles  leading the way with 2 and then a mixed bag. Orange crush took the biggest king if I remember correctly. 



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I saw that the lake had flipped in the morning and as much as i wanted to be there I had to wait till after work. There is (was?) cold water pushed right up to the beach. We had 50 degree water down 7 feet in 25' of water and even dipped into the 40's. It would start to warm as you ran west. Marked some bait in there as well but not tons. Lots of marks on the floor and suspended up several feet that I am guessing were lakers and browns but we didn't get any bites deep. 

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