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Saugatuck Kids and Kings

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Caught a break for this tournament with the Four Winns down that there were still a few steel in the 64 degree water at the pier, and no boats in there.  And it was calm enough for my 14'.  We watched all the charters motor up, not sure where they found fish but two were back before 11.

Andrea and I got our six boards out in 4 minutes then she promptly fell asleep on the floor.  15 minutes in we had a big rip that didn't stick.  Then she fought a determined fight on a two color with what turned out to be a large sheep.

How can a kid that takes 15 minutes to wake up for school sit up, put on her glasses, and select the correct board rod from the trees in three seconds just by yelling "FISH!"?

At this point the voices told me to switch every rod out to a thin fish.

We went 3/4 in the next hour.  Started with a nice 7.38# then a six we let go, then a swing and miss, followed by a cute three pounder that went every where and came in dragging half the spread.  Andrea landed that one on a two color even though it hit a flat line yellow bird.

And then it died.  Too warm?  Fish gone.  Nope.  My nephew who had one from the surf rattled off three between 10-11 including one just under and one just over ten.  We went into 4' and could see fish, but no hits.  And no shrimp.  If we didn't have the fish we'd invited him and his rods and even his bag of nasty shrimp onto the boat.

7.38# didn't hold up well against a bunch of decent Lakers.  Taking your daughter out in a 14' boat where even the charters didn't want to fish and grinding out her limit of steel, well that's pretty cool.

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