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Yankee - June 4/5 at the Oak

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June 4th - Morning

What a tough day! We covered a lot of water and burned a lot of gas to get the fish we had. We fished from 20′ out to 200′. Lake Trout saved the day for us, and we took some studs! Nice to see a few Steelhead showing up as well. Dreamweaver Blue Bubble was our best spoon for the Steelhead, and Hammerhead Lake Trolls took our Lake Trout. These guys from Pittsburgh enjoyed a nice day on the water with great weather.






June 4th - Afternoon

A little better tonight. We had a mix of silver fish (Steelhead and small Salmon) and some good Lake Trout action. Dreamweaver Blue Bubble and Blue Lagoon were our best spoons in the Super Slim size. Hammerhead Lake Trolls took our Lake Trout.








June 5th

We got a nice start on a foggy morning. Surface temps dropped 13 degrees overnight, and a slight roll from the NE was left over. We hit a nice 20lb Salmon on a Dreamweaver Sea Sick Waddler fished off our Cannon DT10s, and lost another on a Carbon 14 on a 100′ diver. A Northern King C5 5 of Diamonds took a nice Steelhead on a short Stealth Core as well. Once the sun came out the bite died. We headed to Lake Trout land and went ½ on them before the 30mph+ gusts of wind kicked up.







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