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Fished 7-1pm, 125-155 fow, 3/5, two steelhead,  7.14# and 7.46#. One small lake trout.
2/4  steelhead 4 Color w/ HUD spoon, one on west troll in 140fow, other on NE troll in130 fow. SOG 2.7, surface temp 60.3 .

1/1 laketrout on DR w/10" green and pearl paddle and artic blast fly, SOG [email protected], temp 44.7, ball depth 126.

Lake was like a mirror surface with some thick scum lines. I zig-zag through the lines between Port Sheldon and Tunnel Park.


2016-06-03 16.51.15.jpg

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I was out Friday AM also.  I've been hitting the water after daylight all year so I figured I'd try the predawn bite.  Set up in 80 fow at 4:15.  Trolled out to 135 and back into 100 fow.  Tried all kinds of rigs and all kinds of speeds and couldn't get anything to go until 8:30 I took a coho in 155 on a reg hello darling on a 150 Cu. 

5 minutes later took a 12lb laker on a BW meat rig down 135 in 165.  Found a shaker on my bloody nose mooshine down 65 10 minutes later in 170.  Worked that water and out to 210 until 10:30 when I pulled lines.

Found a 1.5 degree temp break and a strong slick in 165 on my way back in so dropped back down and worked that for 30 minutes with nothing to show for it

Surface temps were 58-60.  45 degree water was 50 down all the way to 125 where it started dropping to 44

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