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Yankee's Memorial Day Weekend @ the Oak

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First things first.....THANK YOU to all veterans for defending this country so every American can do what we love with the freedom you grant us. 




We took a nice boat ride West about 12 miles to the chrome domes and set up the spread in 80-150' of water. It was a great morning bite with a mix of species. We had DW Martels and Sea Sick Waddlers going on our Cannon downriggers. DW Fire Cracker SS going on our 5 color Stealth Core. Stinger Frost Bite went on a 200' A-TOM-MIK copper. Later in the day DW Metalic Frogs took both of our decent Kings off a 60' Cannon downrigger. It was great to see some big Steelbows, and we were lucky enough to get a nice Atlantic.







We had the smart troll guys on board, so we used this opportunity to dial in our system. It's a neat system to say the least! There are a few minor things that they would like to address, and this trip also allowed them to learn more about how us Great Lakes guys use this compared to the Striper fishing they do in the Chesapeake.






We went to the same water from the day before and it was void of marks. The bait was still in t here, but the fish had moved on. We fished between 70-200' and ended with 3 skippys. We made the decision to troll into to check Brown Trout waters and we were rewarded with 2/3 on Brown Trout in the high sun at 9:30/10am. Two took a DW Blue Bubble SS on a 5 color Stealth Core, and the big one took a DW SSW on our Cannon downrigger at 24' over 30. We ended teh day Lake Trout fishing. It took us 20 minutes to get our guys their 4 Lake Trout. 2 of them were beasts! One at 15lbs and another at 20lbs.





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