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New to Tawas area and looking for help

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Retiring and moving up from SW MI to Tawas area and I'm looking for some suggestions for fishing Lake Huron, and Saginaw bay. I was stationed at WAFB for 10 years, left when it closed. I used to fish up there all the time but I know the fishery on Huron has changed drastically since I left. I've been fishing Lake Michigan out of Holland for a few years with decent but spotty success lately, for trout and salmon. Never fished out of Augres but have always heard great things about that port. Looking to go out for some walleye, or a mixed bag. It's a big bay though any general suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Have all the gear I need (don't tell my wife I said that) just looking for any suggestions or good contacts I plan on consentratinting mostly on Tawas and Augres ports because of their proximity, but will go anywhere between Alpena, and Bat City. Don't want your honey holes just general direction, depths, speed, etc. Thanks

PS if you want to give me your top secret locations I promise I won't tell anyone.

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It all depends on the time of the year and the weather. I spend a week at Au gres every july fishing walleye. Last year we found fish N NE or the big charity island, but usually we fish S of Pt Au Gres it's a long run 9-10 miles either way. I prefer to run crankbaits (hot-n-tots and flicker shads) and some spoons off 2-3 color lead cores. Purple, pink, chartruse. A lot of people run crawlers but my boat struggles to get slow enough to do that very well. Watch for posts from Priority 1 he lives up that way and does very well.

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Go fish

Au gres is a very productive port, fish will be in close this time of year,as water warms fish will move out twards the charity's.

I agree with special k,priority 1 will help you a lot,met him once at the walleye for warriors event,very nice person and helpful

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