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Holland 5-30 am. Live.

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0-0 right now.  Only 'warm' water down to 80 ft in 125 fow.  Threw away a meat rig after setting it up and forgetting to clip it to the diver.  Tangled up a 150 copper ...  But we are fishing now.  6 lines in the water.

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3-3  2 kings (3-6 lbs) and a pig lake trout.  W & S trolls 2.3-2.5 at the ball. 160-175 fow.

Rigger down 101 ft - BLL blue spoon with a yellow edge stripe.

Rigger down 150 ft - Spotted dick BW meat rig

300 Copper - mag streak lemonberry.

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Fixed slider, free slider.  We call that a super free slider.  Last time I did it ig it was a paddle and fly that I had just glowed up so we got to watch it slowly sink into the abyss.


Thanks for the report.

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Kevin - funny how a super free slider can be super pricey at the same time!  Bob,  I'd rather donate a paddle and meat rig vs. dumping a fish.  I'm bleeding them off the side of the side of the boat now and I'm scared I'm going to make the same mistake some day.


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Great time as always with JD. We couldn't get out of our own way at first, but man did King Possible come around! Judging by the radio chatter I'd say we did great! The LT and King were both right at the 34 inch mark measured on JD's cooler. I'm a big dude so sometimes the pics don't do the fish justice but they were really nice fish! The LT was a bruzer for sure.

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