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First real trip of the year, ended up 2 for 2.  (1 coho and 1 small king throw back).  Beautiful morning on the water.  Fished 150-225.  Fish came in about 180 FOW on stinger pinky and stinger purple magic 5 color. 


I had a failed trip on last Friday.  headed out of port and had to stop in 40 FOW to assist a boat that left port without any oil in his I/O (not good).  Towed him back then headed back out again.  I got to 100 FOW and put boat in neutral to have it stall.  It started right back up again, so turned it off and went to start the kicker motor for trolling.   Couldn't get the kicker motor to stay running, so went back the the big motor and  it wouldn't start!   Dang, after several attempts, I went back to the kicker and got it going and used it to troll back to the dock.     The problem with the big motor ended up being needed to replace the fuel filter/ water separator.  Once this thing gets to a certain point of having water in it, it shuts off the gas flow to the engine.   I guess it should be changed every year or at least checked.  I'm going to have a spare on from now on.





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