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Fished 7:30-12:00 200 fow PS

Got a disabled veteran his limit of of coho and kings.  Absolutely an amazing experience and honor to show this guy a great time!  Started out deep in 225 fow no marks no hits, came back in to 200 and action started.  Hits were all far apart but this decorated soldier was a pro, 5 hits 5 fish 2 kings 3 coho, and a throw back baby King not a bad average for his first time on a deep water rod!

heres what worked;  north or south troll, 1.9-2.0 at ball, dipsey set at 3 225 back once with smaller blue dolphin, riggers four times one with free slider set 94 down mag spoon and stinger on slider caught a dbl  hook up with one throwback using mag and stinger Kavorkian

green and blue seemed best

Good luck, hope this helps and don't forget the men and women who serve for our freedom to fish these waters!


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Nice job out there.  Heard you on the radio a couple times.  We drew the short stick today never finding a group of fish to work over.  We had lines down at 6 and fished till 11:30 with 3 shakers and 2 4lb ho's to show for it.  We spent the first 2.5 hours heading out to 240.  Most people were doing better in the same water you were in

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