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5/3/16, Saginaw Bay, Au Gres, Fishing Report

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My clients today from southeast Michigan enjoyed a beautiful day on the Bay today catching their limits of nice walleyes. I even got to catch my limit at the end of the trip too, and just enjoyed a fresh grilled walleye dinner, which was delicious. We started out the morning in the same spot where we fished yesterday, but after no bites there, we picked up and moved to another spot. We caught a couple fish in the second spot right away, but that bite died as we trolled with the wind into the area where I expected to catch fish. We then headed back further south and had slow, but steady action there until the wind picked up a bit and then the fish really turned on there big time. We caught about 20 walleyes from 10:30 through 12:30 so that timeframe saw the best action. Our fish today were all 18 to 25 inchers with most being over 20" for a big pile of filets at days end. We fished in water temps of 47 to 48 degrees and caught all our fish on spinner/crawler rigs trolled near the bottom with bottom/bouncers. Both bright and natural colors all worked well with no real preference shown. We did best with a trolling speed of 1.6 mph and caught them going both with and into the wind going back and forth over the school My new electric speed control on my Mercury 9.9 ProKicker is really helping me to dial in the exact speed, which I'm sure boosts our catch. My clients today were great on the rods too, bringing in the fish like pros, which also really helps to boost the catch. With the super generous, eight fish limit this year, anglers that do well on the rods stand a lot better chance of limiting out, especially with the light bite that is common during the spring. Smooth reeling, keeping the board from bouncing around, maintaining a constant 90 degree angle of the rod in relation to the fish after board removal with constant pressure (no slack) are the main ingredients to success there.
Capt. Mike Veine
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