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Garden Tractor Re-power

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We re-powered a 1979 Bolens Large Frame HT23 Tractor with a B&S Vanguard 23HP Engine. A lot of issues to deal with including Driveshaft, Key switch, Engine height and mounts, Wiring, Exhaust, PTO, and a few other minor issues. The machine also got new PTO bearings and belts. This machine has a two speed Hydro and Hydraulics. The machine is very heavy but lost about 100#s with the engine swap. The tractor required an engine with two drive shafts. The machine is running fine. It needs 10hrs of break-in and I'll give it two of them later today. as I mow my lawn for the first time. We also rebuilt the gearbox on the mower deck. A good friend Joe A helped me a lot with this project. Joe owns 3 Large Frame Bolens Tractors with original engines still intact. This is how you keep a couple of old guys off the streets and out of trouble.

Priority1 will now be PRIORITY1. I hope to do a shakedown in a couple of weeks.



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those are fun projects,  looks good Frank and will keep giving you years of service.

I re-powered a 79' Gravely back in 2001 - had the same things to deal with.  but when it's done you have a product that will out last the big box store sheet-metal toy tractors.

I still use mine, year around as I have the mower deck, snowblower, tiller, and power broom.

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The older machines are worth re-powering. I think the newer engines are more compatible with the fuel that is available today. The older machines are definitely beefier than the new ones. I checked into getting a re-power kit but the $$ scared me away. Even with the kit there is no guarantee that some additional fitting will not be required. I just bought the surplus engine and went for it. I may rebuild my 48" two stage snowblower this Fall if I feel up to it.

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