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Holland 4-29, 4-30

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 Calm to one foot all weekend.  Planned to take the 14' to 110' to find Coho (which were not there) dropped in at 60 and watched the ones build to ugly twos with some bigger.  Nasty current.  Best troll into them.  Plowed out to 140' nothing going turned to ride them in and decided to drop a big white spinny purple mirage fly to the bottom.  On a manual rigger.  

Wasn't down there five minutes it and the wire diver start pounding.  17.2# laker took the spinny got into the wire.

We're cold, tired, soaked from the ride out and trying to baby this fish as it's scraping the wire, turns out it was tangled only in the fly.  Netted it and just stared.  Thought it was all of 20.  36 1/4" so I finally got a master angler.

Stared too hard as we looked up and the other rigger is jacking, nice Coho on a double dutch mini streak 35 down.

Reset both, saw the deep one pump a few times but at 130' down figured it was bottom and wasn't about to check it.  Pulling lines it had a nice c w t 5# laker on it.  All of the five pound lakers I've caught this year have been tagged.  Four heads in the freezer waiting to get to the cleaning station.

Quit at eight as I was headed out this morning.

Trolled the beach all by our lonesome going 4/4 on natural baits, four different ones at that.  Silver flutterdevle on a one color took a one pound brown, shallow shad rap took a nice beat up fall back steel that ripped the rear wire through the side of the plug.  Pair of football browns of about 5# each, I mean old school short thick broad fatties like we haven't seen in years, on a die hard nk 28 and a brown trout f11 rapala.  Cannibalism?  Put all these back as crew has freezer full.

While all reports are good, I hope you were there with me getting soaked and waiting for the next board to pull back instead of reading some stat sheet.  

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Not sure when or if I will get the 215 out.  Don't need another mouth to feed right now.

Although it's costing me fish not using it now, which hurts.  Easy to find a crew to look for Coho.  No on seems to want to fill a cooler with Lakers.

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