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Holland 10am-4pm, 4-29

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4-29-16 holland am

Fished 10am-4pm

5 for 7, all coho, with two that spit the hook. 160-215 fow off sliders. 2 on happy meal spoon with skirt on a 4 color and 3 on DR with violet/white paddle UV with poofster glow fly.

2 on south troll, 2 on nw troll, one on w troll. 2.5-2.7 sog, dr was down 125-129 with 22ft lead. No hits on divers with paddles  and flys between 50-90 ft or coppers with spoons or paddles/sd with flys. 42.4 surface temp, [email protected] 2-4 -2.7, bottom was 39.9 to 40.1.

 Great day 1-1/2ft waves.

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2016-04-29 18.57.42.jpg

5 for 7 coho.jpg

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