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Time fished: 8-1pm
Area fished (GPS lat/lons 0ptional):couple miles north n south of pier heads
Best depth of water to be over: 85
Most productive troll direction: West
Depth of hits: 35' +/-
Rigger lead lengths: 15-20
Number of fishermen aboard: 3
Best lures & colors: Purple/white magnum spoon
Surface temp: 47 in 60fow; 44 in 1oofow.
Down temp for hits (if known):
Troll speed: 2.5
Number and kind of fish caught: 2 Coho

Reel commentary: Got 5 lb coho on 5 colors of lead on the purple spoon. Had small fish on dodger and gr/or spin n glo that got off quickly; when pulling in 100' copper had a 12' coho on it that we returned; that was on bl/yel/gr spoon. NO LAKER TAKERS BUT QUITE A FEW MARKS OF LAKERS ON BOTTOM STILL IN 75-85FOW.
cloudy, cool, some fog near SHORE; 1-3s to 1-2s the start building backup a little at 1.
DNR creel guy, Brian, said if you went out 17miles you might get a couple more coho; yeah right; 200' is 13.5 miles out; with east wind all week I'm sure warm water is quite a ways out. didn't bother checking tem p down, but metal spoons were cold.
"Hockey Puck" ON THE REEL WOMAN Agnello
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We didn't do any better.  Fished 180 to 200 and had some marks, landed 1 coho on a 120 copper with greenish yellow spotted mini streak.  In hindsight we probably should have run lines deeper, I was hoping for some steelhead.  Trolled all the way into 70 with very few marks.  Landed one more Coho on a J-9 rainbow trout color at 95 feet.  Probably will set up closer tomorrow.

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Sly: At least no  black n white kitties in our boxes; didn't realize you were out there with us; since just a few boats out I didn't hookup my radio.

Knew water was cold due to our east winds all week, but warmer than old Coastwatch temps that we 36 hours old that said temps were in 30s.

Hopefully they will update reports sooner.

Also sent email to Limnotech to see ehen they were going to deploy buoys, especially Cooke n South Haven. Haven't heard from them yet, though.


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