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Tried river mud in front of piers outside 20' and nothing; Koho Killer II got one steelie there Sat and so did a few others; worked out between 60-90' mile or two north n south of pier heads.

Went 3 for 4; water much cleaner out there and some marks; only one bait pod mark though.

Got two lakers on 00 Luhr Jensen "tin can" (all chrome) 6" dodger and fluorescent Or spin n glo bouncing bottom at 62 and 75'; lost small one on same dodger with green spin n glo in 65'.

In 85 ft got small coho on dipsey set on 3 153' out on Capt John King salmon slammer Lazer Glo spoon. Of the 9 fish we've gotten this spring 4 have been on that spoon - 3 on rigger, one on dipsey.

0-1s all day and beautiful out there; at noon wind shifted from SE to NW like they predicted.

Unfortunately didn't see many nets out; saw one small one caught out by us in 60fow and heard two boats only had one small fish each.







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I fished with my Buddy Sunday, first time out for his new boat.. We went 7 for 8.   1 coho, the rest Kings, 65 FOW. north south troll and we got bit every time we crossed the dirty water line. Riggers were set at 11 and 14, we got fish on 4 color , 5 color and 6 color of leadcore with stingray bloody nose and mixed veggies. On the rigger at 14 with 0000 red dodger and a home tied red and gold coho candy fly. I didn't post a report because we were not on my boat.


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