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Yankee in the ROC 4/16-4/17 - 0/2 on kings this weekend

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4/16 Morning

Great morning on the Lake. We had more Brown Trout than we could count. We went 0/2 on Salmon, we grabbed a couple of Lake Trout, and two Pike. Three generations from Maine on their annual trip. Hot baits today were Storm Jr. Thundersticks and Smithwicks Rogues. One of the Salmon cracked off one of our Yankee Bay Rats on the set up.









4/16 Afternoon

Spent the afternoon with a pair of father/sons. What a difference a few hours makes. This afternoon's trip was tough! Went 3/4 on the inside. Slid out to 40-80' and did a few Lake Trout on Team Dreamweaver Spin Doctors and A-TOM-MIK flies. We made the best of it, and everyone hit their personal best fish.








Although we had to work harder for them today we were rewarded with a better quality fish. Same family from Maine that fished with us yesterday morning. Our best water was off Braddock's point in 20-40'. Yankee Bay Rat Lures and LIVETARGET Lures Smelt banana baits were good for the browns. The Lake Trout were taking spoons off our Cannon and Fishing - Chinook Diver-Stainless Steel Troll Fishing Divers.





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