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Lot of firsts for the year this morning, first trip, first tangle, first bird in the cabin, but will have to wait for first skunk.

Set up just before sliders after seeing a few good marks in the trough around 12'.  Trolled down to Saugatuck and beyond without seeing much more.  Turned out to head back north just by the point when 2 color with black/gold Rapala went in 30 fow.  A few minutes later we had a 12 lb king in the boat.  Speed during the turn was 2.8 but was trolling 2.0 most of the morning.  Don't have any info on temp, forgot batteries for the probe and display was kind of touchy in the cold.  Trolled back to the sliders again without a bump in 20 - 30 fow before pulling lines.

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Fished out of holland as well. Got a few hits in 47 in front of holland. And just out of curiosity slid out to 120 to see what would happen. Occasional marks out to 85 but nothing past that.

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