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Fished this morning going 1 for 2. Ran the beach for a couple hours with no hits. Water was still cloudy and 43 degrees. Moved back to river mud line at the piers and took a 6 pound brown on a orange jointed rapala running 6 feet down on a rigger in 30 fow. On the north side of the mud had a steelhead on until his third jump threw the plug. It hit a fire tiger thin fin running behind a board. Hopefully better luck tomorrow.

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Hey Larry, I was fishing around you in the Sportcraft with the blue canvas, we were 2 for 2.  Slow day, but sure was nice out.  Landed a coho early then a nice very feisty 12lb 14oz king at 12:30 on a brownish green spotted mini streak on a 2 Color.  Couldn't believe it.   Got to wait an hour at least for the railroad bridge to open, that was a blast.  I'll probably see you out there tomorrow too.

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